Lock Poker Fraud Alert - Withdraw Poker Funds Sensibly

Lock Poker Warning

While poker players should always be wary of sites that don’t seem too happy or keen to provide them with their funds, this aspect has come into the spotlight once again. The plight of Gary Styczynski, 2007 WSOP Champion, and his battles with lock Poker to get his hands on his cash shows that it can happen to anyone. There are too many poker sites who think that providing players with winnings is an optional extra and it is only right that a light is shone upon bad firms.

There is also a need to shine a light on the firms, Ignition Casino Poker and BetOnline Poker, that are providing a positive and reliable service when it comes to withdrawing your online poker funds.

Ignition Casino Poker - US Only

Ignition Casino Poker Logo

If you are in the United States, one of the most reliable poker options is Ignition Casino. Ignition Casino is proud to say that they offer the fastest pay-outs in the US. Rapid transfer pay-outs take no more than 24 hours and can be collected from a local Moneygram in that time. Payouts via check take up to 1 to 3 weeks, which isn’t rapid but it is still faster than most poker sites. There is an $800 limit on Rapid Transfer withdrawals and check withdrawals are available up to $3,000.

Ignition Casino PokerFree Download

Or visit the Ignition Casino site.

BetOnline Poker - US Friendly

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An alternative to Ignition Casino is BetOnline Poker, which is a reliable US friendly poker site. BetOnline Poker has a large number of payment methods and offer checks and wire transfer to US customers. BetOnline Poker provides one free check withdrawal each month and then charges a fee for every subsequent check so be smart when withdrawing.

BetOnline PokerFree Download

Or visit the BetOnline site.

European visitors are advised to play at Titan Poker, the flagship room of the iPoker Network. Please visit https://www.bonuscodetitanpoker.org to pick up a Titan Poker bonus code and start playing with up to $50 free, on top of the regular welcome bonus! Unfortunately, Titan Poker is unavailable to US poker players.

Lock Poker And The Revolution Gaming Era

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With the online poker community still coming to terms with the fact that the Lock Poker room has left the Merge Gaming network and is striving onwards, the company has been quick to announce some of its initial plans. There is no doubt that many existing Lock Poker players will have questions and concerns about their account but this has been one of the first things that Lock has been keen to clear up. The thought of losing hard earned poker money, VIP points and all other contacts and friends can be worrying for some people but it seems as though none of that is a concern for players who were on the Lock Poker site.

The changeover is set to be seamless and will take place on the 31st of May. It seems as though the changeover will take place thanks to a simple software update and when players log in with their existing username and account, they should find that nothing has really changed. The real money balance should be exactly as it was before and everything else that a player has come to know and love about Lock Poker should be present as well.

  • US Players Welcome
  • Huge Welcome Bonus
  • Innovative Software

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New Lock Poker software released on May 31st

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As of today, May 31st of 2012, a revolution in the poker world has started. The new Lock Poker client is now available for download, for both Mac and Windows systems.

Please click here to download the new Lock Poker software by Revolution Gaming

Troubleshooting a Lock Poker installation on a Mac

When downloading the new Revolution Gaming version of Lock Poker on a Mac, you should know that it makes use of the Wine Windows Emulator. If you fail the installation process, here's how you can solve it, according to Shane Bridges, head of affiliation at Lock:

  • Click the Finder icon on the dock to bring up the Finder Menu Bar.
  • Holding down Option, click Go on the Menu Bar and click Library.
  • Go to the Application Support folder and find the Lock Poker folder.
  • Drag the Lock Poker folder to the Trash
  • Go to the Application folder and double click Lock Poker

Please note that the current Mac client is only temporary, as Lock is in the process of developing a native version for Mac. So don't let this one scare you away from playing on the Revolution Gaming network!

Important Revolution Gaming sites links!

Please click on one of the following links for more information about the sites on the Revolution Poker Network.

Obviously, Lock Poker runs the show owning the network, so you are adviced signing up with them. In case you want to see some alternatives, here are a couple more recommended sites on Revolution Gaming:

Big poker changes lined up for June

Revolution Poker Network Logo

The 1st of June looks set to be a momentous day but the fact that Lock will continue to have control of their stand-alone cashier procedures should ensure that withdrawals are just as simple to process as they are now. The VIP rewards on offer to players will remain and likely increase and the site is set to release more information regarding rakeback. There is genuine talk that there will be a revolution in the poker industry with some of these changes that Lock Poker are bringing about.

As much as existing Lock Poker players can expect there to be much of the same with regards their account, there are going to be plenty of changes that the LockPRO team are looking forward to bringing. The fact that Lock is snapping up many assets from Cake and will be changing the branding of the Cake Network to the Revolution Gaming Network should give an indication that changes are afoot.

Many changes to follow for poker players

Improvements in gaming technology are definitely coming but there will also be a lot of other improvements and benefits along the way. The new network is keen to market itself better and reach the end users in a more productive way. There are likely to be a lot more rewards for players on offer and there is definitely scope for improve poker tournaments and schedules. When you consider that a major reason for the split between Lock Poker and Merge came due to the cancellation of a major poker tournament, you just know that the team behind Lock are very keen to bring this style of poker playing to the masses.

The CEO of Lock Poker, Jennifer Larson has been keen to outline some of the changes and the reason for change that will come about on the 1st of June.

"We are very excited at the prospect of driving the product, marketing and overall vision of the network. It is a dream come true. Merge was a great stepping stone for us but we have outgrown them. We really need to forge our own path to continued success. The only way to do this is to stay true to our of core philosophy:partnering with our players."

It is important to remember that Lock Poker have come a very long way in the four years they have been around and this is what makes the comments from Jennifer Larson so interesting. The Lock brand exploded onto the online gaming scene with a popular casino and there have not been too many looks back in recent times as the company has progressed with technology, promotions and of course, gaming tournaments and events.

Lock Poker has a history of innovation

Innovation has always been a key factor in the success of Lock Poker and it should also be highlighted that the company was the first to create a Mac download casino. With a huge array of online casino sites providing Mac compatible casinos this may not seem like a big deal but it wasn’t so long ago that it was a monumental occasion for Mac users and the online gaming industry as a whole.

Stats have always been an important factor in a poker players success and it is no surprise that stats have been at the heart of the success that Lock Poker have achieved over the years. The best way for poker players to improve their skills and become better players is to analyse their game and this has been an integral part of the offerings provided by a number of online poker sites. Again though, Lock Poker was seen as one of the more innovative providers of these statistics and this is why there is a lot of high hope about the future of the site and the new Revolution Gaming industry.

The poker industry is open to change

When big changes occur in the online poker industry, players are always going to sit up and take notice. There are still a lot of players feeling the shakedown from the Black Friday events so it is only natural that a lot of players will be looking on to see what Lock Poker does next and whether Revolution Gaming turns out to be a success. There are certainly no such things as certainties in life but the track record of Lock Poker indicates that they have a strong chance of achieving their goals.

Employing people of the calibre of Eric Rizen Lynch is another indicator of the quality on board at Lock Poker. This site has always managed to provide a fresh take on the poker industry and with a determination to continue their record for innovation and progress, it would be a brave man or woman to bet against the might of Lock Poker and Revolution Gaming from succeeding.

Latest Press Release

Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - January 22, 2014

Lock Poker Developing A Bad Reputation For Payouts

There are many reasons for playing poker and it has to be said that financial gain is one of them. Yes, the social aspect of poker is exciting and having the chance to engage with others while using your skills is of considerable benefit to many poker players. There is a strong level of kudos that comes from defeating your opponent but in reality, and especially in the current economic climate, there is nothing like the thrill of taking a big poker pot and picking up a considerable amount of cash.

This means that online poker players need to think about finances when choosing a site. This means players should think about the deposit options, they should ensure that there is a withdrawal method that is suitable to them and they need to choose a poker site that can be relied upon. All poker sites, within legal obligations, are more than happy to take your money from you, which is why it is annoying to hear of online poker sites that are not so quick or even compliant to provide you with your money. This is a story that crops up from time to time but to be fair, every time it does crop up, it is a story that deserves to be told.

The latest poker player to break ranks about a poker site not allowing a player to withdraw their winnings is Gary Stcyznski. When it comes to hearing from a poker player people trust, you aren’t going to argue with a WSOP Champion. Stcyznski is also an online poker advocate and he is a founding member of the Poker Players Alliance. This means he has developed a reputation in the industry and that people are keen to listen to what he says.

Lengthy withdrawal times are unacceptable for online poker sites

This is what makes his open letter to Lock Poker extremely disturbing and something which should act as a warning for many poker players. As Stcyznski pointed out, the deposit process took a mere five minutes but he has now endured over 4 months in waiting for a withdrawal process to be completed. Stcyznski requested the release of $1,000 on the 19th of September 2013 and is yet to receive his money. Over this time he states that he has had numerous conversations and discussions with Lock Poker customer service staff but at every point, the process was slow moving and ultimately pointless.

One of the problems with Lock Poker is that they advertise in all of the right places and people who are new to online poker will think that they are a reputable firm. This is the power of advertising in full flow but countless players can point to similar experiences. If you are playing online poker and you are fortunate enough to win money, you want to be able to withdraw it. Poker players are understanding and accept that there will be process time for their funds but the inactivity of Lock Poker is clearly unforgivable. If it can happen to a major name like Stcyznski, there is no reason why it can’t happen to you. This is why you should always take the time to review a poker site before committing to time, effort and money on the site.

Recent Press Releases

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - January 28, 2013

    Can You Grind Out Glory With Lock Poker?

    In life, we would all love to be spectacular and make everything we do a celebration of skill and style. Sadly, that is not the case for the vast majority of us and anything good that we do achieve in life usually has to be obtained through hard work, effort and a whole lot of perseverance. There is no doubt that we have to get used to grinding things out and whether it is in work or play, being able to grind things out can make sure you don’t miss out on the grander things in life. This is something that Lock Poker appreciates and if you are ready to grind with them, you could be on your way to celebrating a lot of poker success.

    Quite often you will think that it is not in your interest to grind away every day but when it comes to what Lock Poker has on offer, you may change your mind. The site is promising players a once in a lifetime opportunity so be prepared to shut yourself off from the modern world for a while and show some determination.

    Massive poker prizes on offer

    This promotion, which is exclusive to Lock Poker, offers players the chance to win up to $75,000 which will be placed directly into their account. That alone should see plenty of poker players signing up for the action but there is more on offer. How do you feel about the chance of going to Las Vegas and taking on the Lock professionals? This is definitely something that most poker players will be interested in and the Lock Poker site is putting players in the heart of the action.

    If you are able to grind your way to the top of the leader broad you will grab a great selection of prizes. On offer is:

    • A WSOP ME Buy-in
    • A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon
    • One on one coaching from an ELITE Pro... which will contain 10 hours of coaching!
    • Having dinner with all of the LockPRO team in Las Vegas during the WSOP

    These have to rank as some of the most exciting prizes in online poker and if you have any interest in poker at all, you will want to be in with a chance of winning these prizes.

    In life, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty and put in the time and effort to get your reward. We don’t all like to grind things out in life but sometimes there is nothing else for it. If you want to grab some of greatest poker prizes on offer, the Lock Poker grind promotion gives you every incentive to keep on coming back for more!

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - January 9, 2013

    Lock Poker Are Off To Wembley For The ISPT


    Heading to Wembley is the dream of football fans both young and old and with this season’s Champions League final taking place in the famous old stadium once more, all eyes are definitely on the home of English football. The thing is though, you don’t need to have a lot of football talent to make it on to the hallowed turf, if you have some poker skills, you may find yourself heading down Wembley Way and getting ready to take on the best in the world. Whether you have always dreamed of performing in this historic stadium or this is the first you have given Wembley any notice, Lock Poker have a promotion for you!

    This is because Lock Poker have announced that they are now partners with the International Stadium Poker Tour (ISPT). This means a number of things but most importantly, it means that Lock Poker is now the exclusive satellite partner for the tour for US players. If you’re a US soccer fan, you will know the importance of Wembley but even if you prefer gridiron to the game the British call football, you could be looking forward to an exciting trip to play poker against some of the greatest players in the world.

    Play for massive poker prizes in Wembley

    The Wembley date of the ISPT looks set to be the biggest poker tournament in the world and you could be playing a part in it. The event is taking place in London in May 2013 and the estimated prize pool is said to be 10,000,000 euros! Even if you don’t win the tournament the fact that there will be 10 million euros up for grabs has to be seen as something that every poker player can look forward to and dreams about winning.

    The event kicks off on the 31st of May and will continue through until the 6th of June and the number of registered players for the event is already rising. If you fancied a week in the London sunshine while you pit your poker wits and skills against the best in the world, this is definitely the event for you.

    Every poker budget will be catered for

    If you fear that these sort of events will be priced above your budget, don’t worry, Lock Poker is working hard to ensure that everyone will get a chance to compete if they so desire. There will be an opportunity to take part in satellite tournaments for virtually every poker budget. Getting the chance to see the world through playing poker is one of the biggest factors why so many people have turned to online poker and if you play your cards right with Lock Poker, you could be jetting off across the Atlantic to take on the best in the world.

    The ISTP has been created by Laurent Tapie and the tour looks set to be a major spectacle. It promises to be a mixture of the massive fields and choices you find in online tournament with the added tension and drama that comes along with a live sporting event. If you want to be singing about the fact that you are on your way to Wembley, you need to check out what Lock Poker has to offer.

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - December 10, 2012

    Lock Poker Bringing You A Happy Hour Promotion

    If you are looking to have some fun and making the most of your online poker opportunities, there is definitely something to be said about finding a happy hour promotion! The even better thing is that sometimes you get happy hour promotions that last for longer than an hour; this provides players with plenty of opportunities to look forward to and get excited about!

    You will find that the Happy Hour promotions on Lock Poker run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so there are plenty of chances to get involved. You will be able to play in the Happy Hour promotion at the following time:

    2PM to 6PM GMT

    There are double points up for grabs during the happy hour promotion, which should provide a great starting point for any poker player. You will be able to find plenty of brand new poker tables in play in the lobby. The relevant tables will be marked red and will be clearly labelled Happy Hour. This means that players should have no problems in finding what they are looking for and this should allow everyone to make the most of the Happy Hour promotion!

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - December 3, 2012

    Lock Poker Has A Promotion To Warm You Up

    If you are worried about the cold and damp weather putting a dampener on the amount of fun that you have in December and January, you need to get yourself across to Lock Poker. This is because there are going to be 52,000 cash prizes worth more than $1,500,000 up for grabs! If this doesn’t give you some warmth in your heart, it is likely that you don’t really have any interest in poker! If you are a big poker player, this is definitely the sort of promotion that will draw you back to a site.

    Lock Poker will be keeping a close eye on your total MGR that you earn in each month. Once you hit the required MGR for a particular level, you get a cash prize placed directly into your account. This has to be seen as a good thing but don’t hang about because there are only a limited number of prizes for each level. Once they are gone, they are gone but if you are quick, you could end up grabbing more than $75,000! You can give yourself more chance of playing through the 58 individual levels by playing on the DOUBLE AGENT TABLES!

    Play to win with this promotion

    These DOUBLE AGENT tables are available in the lobby but they will only be available to Lock Players. If you are involved in The Big Chase, these tables will count towards your overall rake chase and could make a sizable difference to the amount of money you receive at the end of the promotion. This is down to the fact that all of the players who play on the double agent tables will find that their play count towards a different table of prizes. Therefore, if you play on both sets of tables, you will give yourself twice the opportunity of winning the rewards! You want to be a winner don’t you? Therefore, it makes more sense to give yourself a better chance of winning.

    These tables are here to stay

    These tables are definitely sticking around and Lock Poker have promised that they will be used in future promotions too. Therefore, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with these tables as quickly as possible because they could be the secret to you earning more prizes in the near future.

    It is certainly all go with Lock Poker at the moment though and the site is keen to remind players that the 100 seats to the 100K promotion is back up and running. This promotion is available to all poker players that manage to pick up 250 VIP points in a single week. This guarantees players a ticket to tournament that takes place on each and every Saturday!

    There are payouts to 100 entries in the biggest weekly tournament on the site. This is the $100K GTD – PRO ELITE Bounty Edition, which will give players plenty to think about this week and every week to come.

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - November 5, 2012

    Lock Poker Is Updating All The Time

    One of the reasons that Lock Poker is viewed as one of the best poker rooms online is the fact that it is constantly evolving. As a Lock Poker player, you know that they are continually looking at ways to improve the poker experience and they have been working hard behind the scenes of late to introduce something new for players.

    There is a new section in the admin area of the site called HUD, which is short for the Heads Up Display. This can be found at https://admin.lockpoker.eu/hud.

    Everyone loves a poker freebie

    You may not be excited by this announcement just yet but there are 2 major tools, both completely FREE, which are included in this update.

    The first free tool you will pick up is the Sharkscope HUD overlay and every Lock Poker VIP will have access to this tool.

    The other tool is the branded Hold ‘Em Manager 2 (HM2) tool, which is on offer to the higher level Black and Black Elite VIPs. This is definitely something to look out for and it should enhance the gaming experience for all players on site.

    These bonuses should be reason enough to know that Lock Poker likes to look after their VIP players but there is a lot more going on than these free gifts.

    Join the freeroll fun

    The site has brought back the $10,000 VIP freerolls and these will be taking place every month. The second Sunday of the month is the day to get involved and every poker player that finished the previous month on a VIP level will get their entry coupon to the big event.

    If you want to be a VIP that is well looked after, get yourself over to the Lock Poker site.

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - November 1, 2012

    Lock Poker Unleash The Rake Chase

    November is the month when you start to know that winter has set in and finding the best ways to have fun can be a bit more challenging. That is until you remember that online poker is available from the comfort of your own home and Lock Poker appear to be doing their bit to keep you inside and warm!

    The site always provides a great range of poker opportunities and fun for its players but in November, they bring you the Rake Chase. You can put yourself in the running for 3,800 cash prizes which carry a total prize fund of more than $1,000,000. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face and help you to feel a lot warmer, what will?

    Keep playing and get big poker bonuses in return

    For the entire month, Lock Poker will keep a close eye on the total MGR (monthly gross revenue) that you earn. For each time you pass the necessary MGR for a level, you will get a free cash reward! This bonus amount will go directly into your account and with rewards being paid out hourly, you won’t have long to wait to feel the benefit and bonus of this promotion. Too many promotions take a long time to pay out to players but this is not something you need to worry about with Lock Poker.

    There are limits and levels throughout the promotion and there are only so many prizes for a number of these levels, so it may help you to be quick off your mark. This is bound to be a big promotion so you don’t want to be left disappointed. If you play quickly and strongly, you could see more than $45,000 being released into your online account!

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - September 7, 2012

    Lock Poker Get Ready For Battle Of The Knights

    In days of knights and knights were bold, they never had anything as much fun as online poker so think yourself lucky that you live in the modern era. In saying that, there is a lot to be said about the bravery and bravado that a Knight would show, rushing into battle, fighting for their country, for money or to win the heart of a fair maiden. Modern life can seem a bit tame in comparison compared to the stories of bygone days but having running water, electricity and air travel more than makes up for it. Lock Poker appreciate the value of a good Knights Battle though and this is why their big September promotion is the Battle of the Knights.

    To make it worth your while, there has to be a lot of prizes worth competing for and it won’t be a shock to learn that Lock Poker have lined up a great array of poker prizes for players taking part. The eventual winners of the leader board will be properly treated but there is something for everyone in this promotion so even if you can’t get near the top level, you will hopefully find plenty worth playing. There are 58 prize levels and a total of more than 17,000 cash prizes will be handed out to players. This means there will be more than $2,000,000 to play for this month, which would get even the blackest of Black Knights interested in what was up for grabs.

    Fast Knights Are Rewarded

    Even though there are a wide range of prizes available, you shouldn’t wait too long to get involved. Each level of prizes has a set amount of prizes and once a limit of winners has been reached this prize level will be removed and there will be nothing available at this limit. This may be annoying but it also provides a great incentive to keep focused on your poker play and to make the most of any free time you have.

    In addition to cash prizes, the players ranking in the top 10 at the end of the tournament can expect to get their hands on some exciting Apple products. These definitely weren’t around in the time of Knights and battles but you could get your hands on an iPad 3, an iPhone 4S or even the Apple TV system if you manage to get into the top 10.

    However, the real prize may lie at the end of the tournament because all ranked players will be provided access to the Tournament of Champions. One will be for the Knights of Ring Games and the other for the Knights of Tourneys and the top prize is a seat at the main event at the 2012 Aussie Millions! This is the sort of prize that all poker players can get excited about and a genuine once in a lifetime opportunity for the majority of players. The leader board is updated every half an hour so you will have no excuses for not keeping on top of your progress.

  • Revolution Gaming, Lock Poker - July 31, 2012

    Poker Players Get Bigger Guarantees With Lock Poker

    They say in life that the only guaranteed things are death and taxes but tell that to the people at Lock Poker. The site, which has benefitted from continued growth since it transferred to the Revolution Gaming Network, is able to announce that the weekly guarantees on site are getting bigger. Knowing how much you are going to be playing for is a great boon for many poker players and knowing that there is more money to play for is definitely amongst the best news that players can hear.

    Guaranteed money on the rise

    The $100,000 guaranteed tournaments on the Lock Poker site had a strong following but the sum of money is about to rise to $110,000! In addition to this, the high roller players who used to play for a guaranteed $65,000 now have an $80,000 prize to aim for. Not only has the guaranteed money risen for these games but the price on the head of the Lock Pro’s in these games has risen as well.

    Bounty games have been a huge success in poker in recent years and if players are on the hunt for a Lock Pro, they will receive a bounty of $500 for every successful takedown.

    An immediate change to the site comes with the fact that the weekly promotion gets bigger too. There are now 110 seats available to win as players get ready to play for $110,000! With Lock Poker getting bigger and better all the time, it stands to reason that they want to provide poker players with bigger and better reasons to sign up for the poker thrills and action.

    These changes have been implemented now so all poker players looking for a bigger guarantee to play for should waste no time in heading to Lock Poker.